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BirdieBalls make golf practice easy & fun

BirdieBalls are limited flight golf balls that feel and fly exactly like normal golf balls but only go around 40 metres with a 7-iron.

The increase/decrease in distance when using other clubs will vary according to player skill and external forces like wind but the approximate difference in distance between irons is around 2 metres.
Mike Dobbyn, REMAX Long Drive champion of 2008 is the current holder of the world record for the longest drive with a BirdieBall – 78 yards!

“My trainer got me into using these. I’d already seen a friend using them all over his backyard for pitching practice. At the time I just remember they looked a bit odd and I didn’t get a chance to try them out. Since then, after every fitness session I finish off with a few swings at a target and I’m now a convert.  The flight mimics a real golf ball and gives all the feedback I need about the swing I just made. And best of all you can take them anywhere.” – Christopher M Hansen 

Boost your golfer’s golf practice today!
…with a starter 12 ball box

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…or 12 ball box & StrikePad set

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Four sets of three  or three sets of four.  Just the right combinations to practice different shots to different targets in blocks. Or hit back-and-forth with a friend.

BirdieBalls – they look like a napkin ring but fly exactly like a golf ball. Unbelievable? When it was introduced the 40-odd thousand pros at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show didn’t think so … they awarded it Best New Product!

It spins exactly like a golf ball, and feels like one too; it is heavy, it draws, it fades, it is serious practice, and it is fun. The BirdieBall is made of a super polymer, is incredibly durable and even floats.
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The StrikePad is a simple cambered practice mat that acts as a flexible polymer spring. It protects parks and lawns from your clubs but also protects your clubs from hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or dirt. It’s incredibly light compared to other practice mats – and is very durable and tough. With a StrikePad you can take your birdie ball golf practice just about anywhere.

This version of the StrikePad has the swingpath of the clubhead through the impact zone printed on it for both left and right handed players. This is an invaluable visual aid – beginners will see how the golf club should move through the hitting zone, more advanced players can use the swing path template to reinforce their proper technique while advanced players can use the StrikePad for practice as well as to instruct beginners.

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How can I be sure if this gift will be liked?

BirdieBalls have been around a while now, so it is possible that  your golfer may have seen them, but have they tried them?

They are a bit funny and non-golf ball looking until you get used to them and understand how they work. The key instruction to using them is that they must be set up on their end, i.e. standing up so the golf club will strike the cylinder walls. This allows them to be compressed properly and show the true ball flight.

Here is a great video you can get them to watch that explains a bit about the science (physics) behind how they work and shows them in action:

But the main benefit to having these is that they make golf practice more accessible. There’s a lot more opportunity to practice as it can be done in many more places and at more convenient times. A few sets in the backyard before or after work make getting regular practice much easier. Regular practice can sometimes expose underlying problems earlier and signal time for coaching. More often it provides a base which allows skill and confidence to develop and improve.

And that’s a great gift for any golfer.


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