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golfplan by Paul Azinger – recommended golf practice app

Golfplan with Paul Azinger

GolfPlan with Paul Azinger – was also one of the earliest golf apps I acquired and is still a regular favourite – here’s why:

what I like about it the most
  • being a statistics junkie I was  keen to make good use of what I was collecting in GolfShot to show me what I needed to work on.
  • it compares your GolfShot statistics to others at your handicap level, so you can see how you stack up across different areas of your game.
  • it analyses your strengths and weaknesses based on these and presents a customised and structured practice plan with a set of progressive drills to help.
  • there is a huge library of video drills – over 60 – from Paul Azinger, both for indoors and outdoors
  • videos are available in HD.
  • you can keep track of progress as you work through the plan.
  • it’s Paul Azinger 😉
what I like about it the least
  • there’s not much not to like, the only thing I would say is that some of the drills didn’t quite fit with my then golf coach’s recommendations
need to know
    • GolfPlan contains in-app purchases for the Indoor Drills – and for the HD versions of the videos.


    • what’s cool is that you can change your handicap in GolfShot to what your aiming for, re-sync and compare your current performance with where you really want to be – which helps to confirm exactly what to focus on (see below for how).


  • in my opinion, making use of your personal golfing statistics in this way is one of the most useful features and puts this golf practice app in a category of its own.
GolfPlan Analyze screenshot with adjusted handicap

GolfPlan analyzes your Golfshot statistics to create a personal practice plan.

  • incredibly useful – particularly if you also use GolfShot -as it helps you to focus where it counts
  • the only golf practice app of its kind – thoroughly recommended – 4.75 stars!


(tip:  how to use GolfPlan and GolfShot as a What-If tool to highlight what to focus on to improve your handicap)
  • start your GolfShot app
  • go to the Account page
  • under the “Golfer Information” section select “Handicap”
  • change your Handicap to where you want it to be
  • press SAVE – you’ll be taken back to the Account page
  • press SYNC
  • now you can launch GolfPlan
  • sign-out of it if you are signed in
  • sign back in again
  • Voila!  You can now see your current performance vs. where you need to be, not just compared with those already at your level.
  • (remember to change it back to your official handicap index though before you use GolfShot again during a handicap scoring game, otherwise you may disadvantage yourself 😉
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