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golfshot classic – one of the best golf apps

GolfShot was one of my first ever golf apps and has remained a favourite over the last 5 years.


what I like about it the most
  • built in score and statistics tracking
  • comprehensive golf course database
  • ability to customise lay-up and one-off distances
  • distance tracking for a club
  • website membership with all graphs and stats
  • low battery usage
  • no advertising (paid version)
  • tight integration with other ShotZoom apps like GolfPlan and GolfScape
what I like about it the least
  • nothing to do with the app  – confusion about whether it can be used in competition*
need to know
  • though still great, supported and useful this classic version has been superseded by TOUR CADDIE
  • highly recommended – 4.5 stars!


About the author

Christopher M Hansen

I'm Founder/CEO and GolfAppGuy at Flag19 - an independent mobile app developer and online marketing company, based in Sydney, Australia.

As well as a mad keen golfer, I'm also passionate about coffee, things Italian, motorsport and my three sons ;)