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Total Game Tour Tempo – golf swing tempo app

Written by The GolfAppGuy

The Tour Tempo Total Game app is based on the research into the top players golf swing tempo outlined in the book by John Novosel with John Garrity –  

what I like about it the most
  • it provides a user friendly and practical way to benefit from the research into the swing tempo of the world’s best golfers, as outlined in their book
  • the research found that the Tour Pros exhibit a consistent tempo of  3 to 1 (with slight variations)
  • the app helps to train and teach you how to  swing with this backswing and downswing tempo ratio exhibited by the Tour Pro’s
  • it includes tones, beats and customised musical tracks that help you synchronize your tempo
  • in this app tempo ratios are included for both long-game and short-game
  • you can choose from a range of slight variations to match your individual rhythm
  • comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions and videos show you in detail how to co-ordinate the audio with your technique
  • you can quickly see results from listening to the beats on your headphones and taking swings at the range
what I like about it the least
  • it could use a built-in feedback mechanism to track how close you are getting to your chosen tempo
need to know
  • you can use this app in the background while training with other apps that don’t take over the audio channel
  • the developers have released a number of related apps -see the sidebar
  • Tour Tempo Total Game is the best app around for training, correcting and internalising a regular and effective swing tempo
Check it out on the App Store
see also Tour Tempo Frame Counter
  • this is a great little related utility that enables you to check your actual tempo with a golf swing capture
  • you can watch your swing in slow motion one frame at time
  • enables saving swings to track how you are doing over time
  • it’s also possible to record swings off TV and check their tempo

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