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Written by The GolfAppGuy

The Vision54 app by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson – is designed to help golfers player better ON the course.  

what I like about it the most
  • it embodies the philosophies outlined in their books
  • provides a practical way to review and apply their recommended techniques
  • skills – provides exercises for practising the 8 Essential Playing Skills which cover areas like Tempo, Balance, the Play Box & Emotional Resilience
  • practice  – includes 54 practice sessions called Drills for Skills (shake to randomise) designed to help complement technical practice
  • play  – focuses on tools such as Playing Focus, On Course Learning and Simulation
  • games – a card game to create variety and fun by randomising what drills you work on
what I like about it the least
  • although you can mark sessions & drills as complete and put in free-text notes – the app is primarily a content based app. As such it has limited ongoing assessment, planning and progress tracking capability.
how I use it on the range
  • I find this app most useful when my practice routine gets a bit stale & I don’t seem to be making any progress. A quick browse through some of the sections, or doing one or two of the practice card game exercises quickly helps break unproductive patterns.
need to know
  • this app contains a few more ways to practice than their other Vision54 Skills app which is specifically about on course practice.
  • applying these techniques during practice actually works!
  • the overall value of the content and generally well designed crisp layout far outweigh any negative points.
  • every  golfer will benefit from applying at least some of the holistic Vision54 approach to their game!
  • this Vision54 app is a must for every serious golfer.
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