practice smarter at the driving range

Please review our Smarter Driving Range Practice App mockup

We are developing an app to help golfers to improve their game with smarter driving range practice. Our first app mockup preview is now ready for feedback from potential users.

Please contact me to check out the preview now.    –if you can’t work out where to press make sure to turn on link highlights at the bottom right of the screen 😉

Be quick because we’ll only have it up for a limited time.

Try to complete these tasks:

1) Set up the target and choose a club – the 8 iron

2) Record a shot which was hit imperfectly a “Fair Strike”, the balls goes straight right and lands at about two O’clock.

3) Try to delete it

4) Choose a drill – in this case a simulated challenge

5) Get a summary of your session

6) Explore

…and let us know how you went by answering these questions:

User Experience Suvey