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…is owned by Flag19 Pty Ltd –  the author’s independent app development and online marketing company based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

It was created to focus specifically on golf practice by sharing related articles and providing reviews of selected apps, books, videos and training equipment. Unlike some other sites we guarantee that every review is of an actual item that the author has purchased and used. As such all ratings shown are based on 1 review (the authors).

It’s also the working name for a golf practice app that we are building.

Note that this website includes “affiliate links” to iTunes, Amazon and other online stores. An affiliate link provides the referring website with a small percentage of any purchases made as a result of referral and is a legitimate and fairly common practice on the internet. With reputable programs like the ones we use, the end-user can be confident they will be paying the same end price as if they had visited themselves. 

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Christopher M. Hansen – founder, CEO and GolfAppGuy.