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I’m Christopher M Hansen – the GolfAppGuy  -owner/founder of iPracticeGolf and Flag19 and freelancer.

Flag19 is the company I set up to focus on app development and iPracticeGolf is both the name of the golf practice app I’m working on and a blog focused on related articles, tips and reviews.

A brief bio

Here’s a little bit about me. My obsession with golf began years ago in Hunterville, New Zealand where my Grandparents were keen golfers. I was fascinated with their golfing paraphernalia: the old wooden clubs, golf balls filled with this strange grey liquid and elastic, and various items branded with names of people  like Gary Player. My first introduction to actually playing was frustrating, especially when my girlfriend at the time out-drove me.

My second experience of the game wasn’t until much later, in Palmerston North but wasn’t that much better.   I played 9 holes with a mate and hire clubs at a course near the Airport and had such high expectations yet a miserable results that I swore at the time to never ever play again unless I could do it properly.

I finally became a golfer with my third introduction to the game – which came in Wellington at a local driving range. I was hooked and so was the whole family.

iPracticeGolf was born out of a frustration…. I’m a frustrated golfer. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on driving range balls, golf lessons, books, training aids, physiotherapy, golf fitness DVD’s – and yet am still searching for that next level of game improvement.  This sent me on an ongoing 9 year journey of discovery, experimentation, pain, triumphs and disasters as I keep searching for answers. I haven’t reached the destination but have found some stuff that works along the way.  And it’s this stuff that I’m sharing here – books, products, reviews, articles, and advice all related to golf practice in some way.

At one point early on I got so frustrated with trying to stay focused at the driving range I started writing stuff down on a piece of paper. Then I looked for some apps to help but only found a couple of very rudimentary ones.  Since I’m also a software engineer with a product development background, I decided to build one of my own.  First I developed a companion App (currently called “iGo2Range”). It helps you to work out whether you have time to get to the nearest or your favourite Driving Range for some practice and get back, no matter where you are in Australia & New Zealand.  It’s not something that as a golfer you might immediately think of, but it is useful and I’ve had some great feedback.

You probably already have a driving range you go to regularly and obviously know where it is… but have you ever wondered if you have time to squeeze in a practice session and still meet your other commitments? Or if there was somewhere else nearby that offered different facilities – say a short game area? or somewhere you could take the kids? or work on your game while travelling?  That’s what its for.  Most likely I’ll be changing the name of this app to something a bit more descriptive like “RangeNearMe” and definitely extending it to other countries.

In the meantime I’m still refining and developing my vision of the “world’s greatest golf practice app”.  Recently I have just completed a lean-startup style business course which has reinforced the need to constantly find out more about what potential users need it to do for them.  My research shows that yes there is a need for this sort of app.  Not many golfers are aware that something like this could help them revitalise their practice and lift their game.  It also showed that there are a few early adopter users who would do whatever it takes to improve.  If this is you and you are interested in being an early beta tester, please get in touch.

What’s with the GolfAppGuy?  Well part of what I do (besides watch a tremendous amount of golf on TV)  is research & review golf apps. I’ve written a few for this site but now want to take it to video… coming soon.

Golf’s traditions and honesty makes the game so special but I don’t consider the game sacred. It needs a bit of a poke and some fun thrown in. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to email me any time with ideas, feedback, comments or just to say hello.









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Passionate about golf, coffee and using technology to make useful things. Particularly interested in the process of learning, keeping fit and high performance productivity.