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Golf With a Game Plan by Timo Schlitz

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“Golf With a Game Plan” by Timo Schlitz is a small 64 page, ring-bound book which has 30 exercises and drills specifically designed to keep your practice interesting and challenging, but fun.  Nearly all of them are used by professional golfers including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk.

Golf training can be very complex, and that’s why it is usually done with a coach. However, the main task of the coach is to explain how a technique works and which swing exercise leads to improvement. Practice exercises are, on the other hand, seldom recommended by coaches. You will find these practice sequences and training plans in this booklet.

The idea is to run through a series of practice exercises in a short space of time, which makes training a lot more productive!

I have only recently discovered this excellent resource – through a great review on the Aussie Golfer site.  After reading that I got in touch with the author to get hold of a small number of copies with the intention of offering them for sale here in Australia – (contact me if you are interested in one).

What I love about this book is that it is one of the very few I have seen that provides complete details of how to construct specific golf training exercises to develop and sharpen specific skills from driving to short game and putting. It also outlines the purpose of each exercise, provides goals specific to handicap level and how to turn it into a competitive game.

I have tried a couple of the short game exercises so far, and while the practice sessions take a little longer to set up the value they offer with enriching your practice is well worth the effort.  It is thoroughly recommended.


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