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golf practice with a purpose

Practice with a purpose.
Written by CristoforoM54

There’s a lot of advice out there about making sure you practice with a purpose – here are some golf apps and books that can help you do it…

Golf apps:

  • GolfPlan – by Paul Azinger : works with your GolfShot statistics to give you a customised practice plan with drills to help you improve.
  • Vision54  – designed by Annika Sorenstam’s coaches Lynn Marriot & Pia Nilsson :  this app aims to help golfers player better ON the course and includes 54 practice session drills to help complement technical swing improvement work.
  • Total Game by Tour Tempo  – by John Novosel : this app uses research into top players golf swing tempo to give you a simple way to internalize a more rhythmic swing while you practice.

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Golf books:

  •  “The Game Before the Game”  – by Lynn Marriot & Pia Nilsson  :In order to maximize your return on the time you invest in practice, Lynn and Pia make a compelling case for ensuring that every session has a definite and pre-determined purpose.

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