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My top 10 golf practice books

I’ve collected a lot of golf books over the years and have many favourites – here is my current top ten golf practice books:

  1. “The Game Before The Game” – Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson (see review)
  2. “Short Game Bible”- Dave Pelz
  3. “Essentials of the Swing”- Hank Haney
  4. “Every Shot Counts” – Mark Broadie
  5. “Positive Practice” – David Leadbetter
  6. “How To Practice Your Golf  Swing Like the Pros”- Eric Jones
  7. “Quantum Golf” – Kjell Enhager
  8. “Golf Tough” – Dan Abrahams
  9. “Practice to Learn – Play to Win” – Mark Guadagnoli
  10. “The Practice Manual” – Adam Young **new**

Some others I love are the other books by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson that expand and extend their focused holistic theme:

  • “Every Shot Must Have a Purpose”
  • ” Play Your Best Golf Now”

And more excellent offerings by Dave Pelz:

  • “Putting Bible”
  • “Damage Control”
  • “Golf Without Fear” – this has a really innovative photo layout that simulates how you would see the shot when standing over the ball
  • “Putting Games” – you will never have an excuse to be bored during putting practice again

I also got a lot of value from these –  they are more about the process of learning and performance but absolutely brilliant too:

  • “Mastery” – George Leonard
  • “The Talent Code” – Daniel Coyle  and tied is “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwe
  • “The Art of Learning”- Josh Waitzkin


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