what’s in your golf bag other than your clubs?

I recently decided to clean out my golf bag  and here is what I found – no wonder it was getting a bit heavy!

Playing equipment:

  • tees
  • golf balls
  • ball marker
  • pitch mark repair tool
  • golf towel
  • golf umbrella
  • sand dispenser
  • wet weather gear

Practice equipment:

  • AimPoint edition of the Swinkey Golfers Toolbox stick
  • set of alignment sticks
  • set of rubber range tees of various heights
  • Orange Whip
  • Medicus Power Meter
  • 3Bays GSA Pro swing speed monitor
  • weighted tempo swing trainer
  • Almost Golf balls


Other stuff:

  • bag of almonds
  • headache tablets
  • sunscreen
  • spikey physio ball
  • warm freezer block
  • SecondSkin arm sleeves (SPF30)
  • old scorecards
  • coins
  • banana
  • melted chocolate protein bars


… I’ll be sharing reviews of some of these  – the first being the Golfers Toolbox – and would love to know what’s in your bag 😉

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Christopher M Hansen

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